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PS5 Pulse Elite Wireless Headset Has Finally Arrived

by Games4u Pakistan 19 Mar 2024
The premium wireless headphone; Pulse Elite for PlayStation 5 is finally here, with over 30 hours of battery time and other impressive features. This headset is an upgrade to its predecessor Pulse 3D headset which was designed for long and comfortable gaming sessions in the next-gen console. 

Fast forward to today, the headset is finally here and promises a new era of gaming. This release came just 3 months after Apple announced the Pulse Explore Earbuds

PS5 Pulse Elite Wireless Headset: Features

After a full charge, these headsets can last more than 30 hours which is twice as much of the previous version. The Pulse Elite works swiftly with PC and Mac as well as with the included PlayStation Link adapter. 

This headset is also equipped with the latest AI technology which cancels out any noise to help you experience crisp and clear audio during your gaming sessions. You can easily communicate with your teammates with built-in microphones and speakers that offer an amazing audio experience. 

Sony Pulse Explore headset, Pulse Elite earbuds get launch dates

Here’s a nutshell of Pulse Elite Wireless headset features: 

  • Next-gen gaming audio 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Multi-device connectivity 
  • Comfortable design 
  • Easy to Use controls 

This headset should be on the wish list of every PS5 gamer due to its extensive features, next-gen design, and compatibility. 

What is the Price of Pulse Elite Wireless Headset in Pakistan? 

The Pulse Elite Wireless Headset was finally released on 21st February, just a few days ago. If we look at the worldwide price for the Pulse Elite headset it is set at $200

The Pulse Elite headset will be available for sale very soon in Pakistan. Make sure to stay tuned to our website to get your hands on this next-gen headset as soon as it is available for purchase. 

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