Judgment – PS5 Game


Console Game – PS5 (with disc drive), boxed version, English subtitles and voice-over, genre: Action and Adventure game – Dive into the stylish action thriller about murder and secrets! Step into the role of Takayuki Yagami and discover the mystery of a terrible series of murders. The remastered version offers faster loading, 60 FPS and all the released DLC.

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Judgment – PS5


The game by Ryu Ga Gotoku, Judgment, is an action adventure published by Sega.

Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi and Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku, creators of the Yakuza series, created Judgment, a criminal and thrilling drama.
Yagami runs a small detective agency in the screaming Kamurocho district and takes credit for any work that others would refuse.

From a former lawyer to a detective

Meet Takayuki Yagami. After facing the crushing betrayal of one of his former clients, he became known as a con man who allowed the killers to escape, effectively destroying his reputation. Now he has encountered a mysterious case of serial murder and will have to push his investigative skills to the limit.


Judgment with next-gen care

The action thriller looks at the next-generation console and offers redesigned graphics, smooth 60 frames per second, and all the DLC released so far.


Strange and brutal serial murders

The city is shaken by a series of serial murders, in which the bodies of victims with hollowed-out eyes are discovered. Yagami is involved in the case of his old law firm. To expose the killer, he must search for the truth that escaped his reach three years ago. But can a person persecuted by his failures overcome his own past?

Yagami is often plagued by city criminals and crooks, but to get to the bottom of the case, you will need more than just being able to wash well.
Interrogate, discover and present evidence. Watch the suspects, change, unlock the locks and take photos to solve the mystery.





PlayStation 5




Action, Adventure game

Virtual reality

Not supported

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