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The NioH Collection – PS5 Game

  • Discover the complete Nioh saga with all six major expansions included.
  • Battle the yokai threat at a stunning 120fps with ultra-fast load times.

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Nioh Collection – PS5

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Nioh Collection is a successful comeback for seasoned professionals who can try out optimized visuals, DLC content or various weapons and skills. For new players, this remastered collection is absolutely the best way to experience Nioh games. Just keep in mind that you are subscribing to truly “demonic pleasure.“ (Game Informer)

Nioh Collection
Nioh 1 and 2 are now released in a remastered edition for the PlayStation 5 as the Nioh Collection.
Nioh Collection
In addition to transferring saved positions from PS4 to PS5, you can also look forward to 4K resolution, fast loading and up to 120 FPS.
Nioh Collection

Where it all began

In the first chapter, like William Adams, you will travel through war-torn Japan. You are a ruthless warrior and an experienced swordsman who has all the prerequisites to survive in a land of samurai infested with demons. But beware! Death and Yokai (Japanese demon) lurk at every turn.

Nioh Collection

Improved Nioh 2

Master the deadly samurai masterpiece as a half-human and half-supernatural warrior in the challenging sequel to the action RPG Nioh 2. Explore Japan in the harsh period of Sengoku and the deadly Dark Empire, which was flooded by grotesque but ruthless demons.

Nioh Collection

PS5 remaster

Discover the complete Nioh saga with all six major expansions. Fight the Yokai threat at 120 frames per second with ultra-fast loading times. (Playing at 120 frames per second requires a compatible monitor that supports this feature. )

Nioh Collection
Reworked game mechanics are waiting for you, which builds on the foundations of the first part of Nioh. Master the art of samurai and don’ t leave a single demon alive.
Nioh Collection
In addition to demons, “ordinary“ samurai, whose abilities test your perception and reflexes, can also jump out of the shadows.





PlayStation 5




Action, RPG

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