M702-2 PHOENIX 10000 DPI, 10 Buttons, 5 Memory Modes, RGB Wired Gaming Mouse – Redragon


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* MAX 10000 DPI (adjustable between 500/1000/2000/3000/5000 DPI), 1000 Hz Polling Rate, 4000 FPS, 20G Acceleration

* Avago top-speed gaming engine and Omron gaming switches
* Long-lasting Teflon feet pads and high-quality ABS construction
* 7-color backlighting with 16-million color choices and 3 lighting modes (lit, pulsing, or flashing)
* 5-programmable user modes
* 10 buttons (9 are customizable including the scroll-wheel up/down)
* Ergonomic design for left and right handed users
* System Requirements PC with USB port Windows 8/ Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (32-bit)

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Redragon M702-2 PHOENIX 10000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M702-2 Is a Complete Feature Wired Gaming Mouse. Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has Avago Top Speed Gaming Engine. The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX Is Beautifully Design and Made For the ABS Material. The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has Long Lasting TEFLON Feet Pads and High Quality. The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has 7-Color Backlight With 16-million Color Choices and Also Has 3 Lighting Modes. Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has 10 Buttons (9 are Customizable include the scroll wheel Up/Down). The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has Ergonomic Design for Left and Right Handed Users. The RedragonM702-2 PHONIX has Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel. Redragon M702-2 PHONIX has 5ft High Strength Braided Fiber cable. Redragon M702-2 PHONIX also has 5 Programmable Users Modes That Control Acceleration. The Redragon m702-2 PHONIX 10000 Adjustable DPI. The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX Weight is 0.30Kg. The Dimensions of the Redragon M702-2 PHONIX is 20*16.5*4.5. The Redragon M702-2 PHONIX is a Great Hand Feel with Good Light Feel Grip.


  • MAX 10000 DPI (adjustable between 500/1000/2000/3000/5000 DPI), 1000Hz Polling Rate 4000 FPS, 20G ACC, Avago top-speed gaming engine, and Omron gaming switches
  • 10-buttons (9 are customizable) and 7-color LED with 16-million backlighting colors with 3 lighting modes
  • Durable smooth Teflon feet, quality ABS construction, and ergonomic body for ultimate gaming control
  • 5ft high-strength braided fiber cable, anti-skid scroll wheel and customizable backlighting
  • 5-programmable user modes that control acceleration, button functions, pointer speed, double click speed, polling rate, etc
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