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Ludo Board Game 35×30 CM Parchis Giant Game 16 Pcs 7065


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Age: 3+
Number of items: 16
The size of the playing field: 35×30 cm
Options: 16 chips, a hemisphere with a cube, a playing field
Packing size: 27×8.5×7 cm
Material: plastic, paper


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The board game Parchis (7065) is the best way to pass the time and spend it to good use! This is an exciting family game that will capture attention for a long time and give moments of joy. A board strategy game with an element of chance, which takes its roots from an ancient Indian game, is a variation of the Ludo game. The number of players is from 2 to 4. The game has one die to be thrown. The throw occurs by clicking on the luminous hemisphere, which is located in the middle of the field. She shines with multi-colored lights, and entertains the players. All cells are numbered.

Each player has his base in the corner of the field, from where it is necessary to display chips in the center. They move clockwise, and should go to the center of the field to their “house” (the square in accordance with the color). The one who throws the number 6 first begins the game. This number in the game will be happy – because it gives the right to withdraw a new chip and an extraordinary move!

Opponents’ chips can be overtaken, as well as jump. In order to get into the house, you need to throw out a figure equal to the number of remaining cells. The winner is the first to bring all his chips to the house! This is a classic strategy that you can play with friends. Due to its compactness, you can take the game with you to the street or to visit, play anywhere – on the grass, playground or beach. The youngest players are over three years old. The game process develops the child’s thinking, vision and motor skills.

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