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Hori Tactical Commander 4 – Ps4/Ps3/PC

Designed to reproduce PC games;
Touch Pad fully functional;
USB connection between mouse and keyboard;
Compatible with most mice;
LED illumination.


Adjust the Sensitivity of the Mouse! The sensitivity of the mouse (acts as right analog stick) can be switched between Normal mode, Snipe Mode, (optimizes stability for precision aiming) and Assault Mode (fast response). The sensitivity of the mouse can be set to cater to FPS players of all styles. *Sensitivity may not be adjustable depending on the game. Please refer to the game’s manual for detailed information regarding this topic. Quick Response button on the Mouse! While pressing and holding down the quick response button, the left and right movements of the mouse become extra sensitive allowing for quick toggling and turning around when necessary. *The quick response button only optimizes the speed of the left and right directions of the mouse. *The quick response button will not optimize the movement speed any faster than what is permitted within game play.

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