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Deathloop – PS5 Game

  • Contents: Deathloop PS5 game
  • Exclusively for PlayStation 5
  • Signature single-player and deadly multiplayer
  • Repeat the same day for eternity – or break the loop
  • Explore Blackreef island and take out your targets
  • Discover a rich narrative and complex characters

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Designed for the PS5
If at first you don't succeed...die, die again
Single multiplayer gameplay injected with deadly multiplayer
The island of Blackreef - Paradise or prison

Deathloop PS5 is an innovative first-person shooter from Arkane Lyon, the creators of Dishonoured. Players are trapped in a time loop on the mysterious island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. The only chance for escape is to break the loop by assassinating your targets before the day resets. But a rival assassin lurks in the shadows, on a mission to protect the loop.

Signature Gameplay
In Deathloop, Arkane’s signature immersive gameplay challenges gamers to play their own way, stealthily sneaking through levels or barrelling into the fight guns blazing. Takedown your targets armed with a powerful roster of weapons and powers.

Deadly Multiplayer
Arkane’s assassination multiplayer experience seamlessly blends single-player gameplay with multiplayer drama. Hunt down targets as Colt, or take control of rival assassin Julianna, sneaking into another player’s campaign to kill Colt and keep him imprisoned in the loop. The multiplayer experience is optional, and players can choose to have Julianna controlled by AI.

Loops are Knowledge
Each new loop is an opportunity to learn from the past and adapt. Finding clues and uncovering hints is key to taking out targets before the day resets. If at first you don’t succeed: die, die, again.

Paradise or Prison?
Death loop presents a retro-future, 60s-inspired environment with multiple pathways. While Blackreef may be a stylish wonderland, for Colt it is a prison ruled by decadence where death has no meaning.

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